How do you want to feel at 90?

How do you want to be and feel when you’re 90? Slumped over in a chair at a nursing home or super healthy and full of vitality and energy? Healthy and vital of course! I’ve been completely inspired by a couple of videos that have been going around about two ladies – one is 90 and the other 100. They’re so healthy that one is a track and field champion at age 100 and the other does tango dancing and even went skydiving at 90. I, personally, have no interest in skydiving, but I am hugely interested in being super healthy at 90. So I wondered what these ladies do that I could start copying right now. I discovered that the secret to being super healthy at 90 and 100 is actually really simple: Be stringent about what you eat. Exercise for an hour a day. There is nothing complicated […]

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