10-Minute Salmon Dinner

Buy at the store:

  • Salmon fillets
  • Corn on the cob
  • Cut and cleaned organic spinach in a tub

To cook:

Salmon – sprinkle with a little garlic pepper, a touch of smoked paprika, and a teeny drop of maple syrup. Don’t overdo the spices- just a little!

Add a little olive oil to a sauté pan, and heat the oil on medium high. As soon as the pan is warm, add the salmon and sear on medium high for a minute on each side. Then turn heat down to low and continue cook slowly to your preference. One inch salmon takes about three minutes per side. The trick is to watch your salmon as its cooking and leave it pink in the middle.

Spinach. Add a little olive oil to a saut̩ pan, heat the oil on medium, then add a big bunch of spinach, sprinkle with a little garlic pepper (not too much Рjust a pinch), and cook on medium for just a minute. Done.

Corn on the cob. Boil a big pot of water, add the corn, cook no more than 3 minutes and take it out.

Plate your beautiful, healthy salmon dinner and enjoy!

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