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Simplify Your Whole Life in 11 Weeks

If you’re ready to unburden yourself of everything that weighs on you and inhibits your dreams – this is the class for you. I teach you everything I know about how to simplify your life, including achieving financial independence, simplifying your home, and making your time and your life your own again. You’ll uncover your thought and behavior patterns that have been holding you back, and you’ll learn practical tips along with my life-changing philosophy. You’ll roll up your sleeves and take the steps to create your most beautiful life. NOTE: This class includes information from my other two classes below, as well as lots more.

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Financially Free: A 21 Day Class

Take this class if you’re ready to laser focus only on your finances and achieve financial independence. No matter where your finances are right now, no matter if financial independence seems like a faraway dream, I’ll show you how to achieve financial independence. By the time you’re finished with class, you’ll have a new way of looking at what’s possible, and you’ll have the tools to get there. As with all of my classes, you’ll get lots of introspective questions to uncover your patterns, you’ll get practical tips as well as the all-important Simple Living philosophy, and you’ll actually take the steps to be on your way to your financial dreams.

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From Chaos to Clutter Free in 21 Days

If clutter and disorganization in your home or office are getting you down – then take this class. It’s the perfect place to start if you can’t relax at home, can’t find things you need, and don’t know where to start. Using lots of introspective questions, I have designed this class to help you understand how you got to this place and how to change yourself from the inside, where it matters. You’ll actually take steps during class to clear and organize your life.

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