• Why Simplify?

    Recently, my husband Eric and I decided to take a close look at where our money went last year. We used to group transactions into categories (such as clothes, restaurants, and taxis).  I will write more about the results of this little experiment later, but for now, suffice it to say that we were shocked at how much we were spending. All of this got me thinking: why am I drawn to simplicity? The obvious answer…

  • Are You Prepared for Money Emergencies?

    How much do you have saved for a rainy day, huh? Anything? Not much? A little? How about, do you have enough saved if you lose your job and it might take three or six months or more to get another one? Well? What if your car starts making strange thumping noises? Do you have enough saved to fix it? Or is it credit card to the rescue?  We know. Saving money is boring, [...]

  • The True Cost of Putting Holiday Gifts on Your Credit Card

    What to do when you actually love giving holiday gifts, but you hate the idea of racking up credit card debt?  Can buying holiday gifts and staying out of debt actually coexist? I have a huge family - more than a dozen, and growing even larger as my sibs get married.  Believe it or not, I love the whole gift giving exchange at holidays. It’s so much fun to hunt for something special for each loved [...]