• Tips to Cure the Shopaholic Inside YOU and De-clutter Your Life

    Is shopping something you do compulsively? Do you spend money you don’t yet have (i.e. put the bill on a credit card)? Is ‘retail therapy’ something you regularly engage in when you’re feeling low? You may be a ‘shopaholic’. There are seven primary signs that you may be addicted to shopping. Researchers have found that up to 6% of Americans struggle with a shopping addiction, or Compulsive Buying Disorder according to psychologists. If you do find it hard not to buy compulsively, there are some ways you can cure the shopaholic inside you, save yourself from debt and financial trouble, and de-clutter your life for more simplicity. 1. Take scissors to your credit cards. Rewards, cash back, whatever – if you have a problem buying things with money you don’t have, the fastest way to nip your spending in the bud is to cut up your credit cards. Then, only carry cash or a debit card so that your spending is limited to what you have in your wallet at that very moment. 2. Freeze your credit card. If you’re not ready to take the big step of cutting up your credit card, then try freezing it in a large…


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