• When it Really CAN Wait: How to Manage Your Time at Work

    Since my job is in digital marketing, it’s probably no surprise to hear that I get about 100 emails each day. Granted, only about 40 percent of those are legitimate (non-spam), but it’s still a lot. Add that in with inter-office messaging, verbal conversation, meetings, and phone calls, and it’s hard to actually get work done some days!   But effective time management is possible, and I want to share some tricks I’ve learned for how to manage your time at work. Prioritize. Some things are more timely and important to do before others – you can’t possibly do everything right away, and you shouldn’t. Every morning, I look at my task list and organize each item based on priority: Critical items like submitting payroll and drafting an important holiday promotion email campaign for a client take precedence, followed by the daily/weekly tasks that I know require more of my time and energy (I need to use my fresh morning energy), and leave the more natural or low-focus items for the end of the day.  Focus.  I’ve mentioned this several times before, but it has become such an important part of my workflow that I have to emphasize it again……


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