Simplify your whole life in 11 weeks

I know how it is when you want to learn something so badly, that just reading a book won’t quite do the job. You can get inspired by reading books for sure – but for long-lasting changes a book can’t do it.

It takes more.

That’s why I wrote my 11 week – all online Simplify Your Whole Life class. I sat in my own quiet company and tried to figure out where someone would start if they wanted a contented, simple life. I thought about what I would need to do to begin, and what steps I would take. How would I go from feeling overwhelmed, exhausted and out of breath, to feeling like my life was mine again? What would I need to do in order to feel good, feel like I had energy in the morning, feel like I was on the right path?

If my finances were a mess and I could see no way out of the mess, where would I start?

If I walked into my closet and wanted to run out of the room screaming, where would I begin?

If my whole house felt absolutely overwhelming – so overwhelming that I simply could not even get the motivation to start- what would be the first teeny step I would take?

And what about my health? Where would I start the huge job of taking care of me in a way that felt actually possible?

And what if doing anything to change, felt like one more thing on my to do list?

What if I’ve tried, but I’m way too fidgety to meditate – would there be some other way to feel contentment?

What if I felt like my life belonged to everyone else but me? What would I do?

How about if I dislike my job or even my career, but I can’t leave because I have bills to pay, what then?

Could I answer these questions in a class?

Yes, I could.

I created my 11-week class in simple, small steps, with plenty of real-life stories of people who started where you might be. I wanted to give you the steps, and I also wanted to keep you inspired.

I wrote it because I want to be there for you. I want you to have an easier, happier, lighter life. I know how it is, and I know how you feel. I hope you’ll join me. I invite you to sign up HERE.

And by the way – there is definitely one thing that I can promise you for sure. If you take the whole 11 week class and you do all of the exercises, I promise that at the end of the 11 weeks, you will, for sure, see your world in a different way than when you started the class. You’ll have insights and realizations that you never thought possible before.

Your finances can’t help but change for the better.
Your papers and files can’t help but get more organized.
Your whole house can’t help but look better.
Your time will begin to be yours again, even if you have endless obligations right now.
You’ll start paying attention to your health and well-being.
You’ll start taking care of yourself.
And you’ll have a whole new view of what is possible.

The class is yours to take at your own pace and on your own time. I recommend keeping to a schedule, say from 7-8 pm on Tuesday nights or whatever works with your schedule. Hope you’ll join me! If you’re interested, click HERE for more detailed information.

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