How My Colleagues Make Life Easier

What small things can you do to make your life just a little easier? Sometimes my days seem so packed that the thought of trying to change any of my habits seems overwhelming. But I also know that small changes can add up to feeling a lot less frazzled and a lot more peaceful and grounded – even when I’m feeling way too busy. I also know that small changes are easier to incorporate into my routine and then, I’m a lot more likely to actually do them! To get ideas, I decided to take a poll of some of my colleagues to see what they do. Here you go – and I’d love to hear what little things you do to simplify your life. You can post your comments in the section at the very end of this post.

sonya“I do all of my cooking on Sunday, so that I don’t have to take that time during the week. I cook my breakfasts and lunches for the week, which allows more time for other things.” – Sonya, Web Developer.

regan“I walk my dog around the neighborhood or to the park. Getting some fresh air and a bit of exercise always helps clear my mind.” – Regan, Marketing Coordinator.

jennifer“I wear headphones throughout the day to stay focused, and I tailor my playlist to whatever mood I’m in. When I get home, I made the decision awhile ago to unplug by shutting off my computer. No emails, and no surfing. Then I go into my art studio to get creative. I need my time away from the screens, and this really helps me unwind and re-charge.”   – Jennifer, SEO Manager.


val“Since I just moved, I obsessively organized my closet, so that everything is super easy to find.”  – Val, Web Developer.



ben“It’s important to me to keep my possessions to a minimum, because I’ve moved around a lot, and I know that it’s the worst to move a bunch of stuff. Minimal possessions means more freedom.” Ben, Multimediologist.

jessica“I am really busy all day with a million to-do lists, so oftentimes I’m stressed and worried, wondering how I’ll ever get everything done. As a social media manager, I look at hundreds of social media pages a week, but my favorite is Humans of New York. I love looking at that page every morning and spending 30 seconds reading the story of that day. The stories range from silly to sad, but they always remind me that there is a huge world out there! They keep me grounded and usually remind me of how small my ‘stressors’ really are. For me, keeping a global mindset and staying focused on the big picture helps clear my mind, feel compassion towards others, prioritize my tasks, and ultimately live more simply!” – Jessica, Social Media Manager. 


josh“I go to the gym almost every day, which helps me sleep better and clears my head of all of the coding I think about in my job.”  – Josh, Web Developer. 

jenny“In my job, I deal with lots of details, so one way I make my life simpler is by staying on top of little cleaning jobs. I clean  up as I cook, instead of after. I also wipe down the bathroom counters after I’m done getting ready each morning. Both help minimize the mess and reduce clean-up time later.” – Jenny, SEO Strategist. 

stanton“It’s all about enjoying the little things, like sunsets and sunrises.” – Stanton, Photographer/Videographer.

bobo“I make sure to plan what I’m cooking for the next few days before I go shopping. Having a plan cuts back on trips to the store, too!”  – Bobo, SEO Strategist.

marina“Since I do a lot of networking and I’m on the go a lot, I often find myself in back-to-back meetings. Taking a laptop and a notepad from daytime meetings to evening outings happens a lot, and it’s bulky. So I purchased a large clutch that fits my laptop when my dinner meeting requires it, and a smaller clutch that only fits my wallet and other essentials. I carry both clutches with me so I’m prepared for when changing purses isn’t possible. A quick drop-off of the huge bag is much easier; otherwise I stuff the “suitcase” under my chair at the evening venue.”  – Marina, Business Development Specialist.


hailey“I get up at 5 a.m. every morning to workout. I need that wake-up! I also keep a calendar to help simplify my schedule, and my mind.” – Hailey, SEO Strategist. 

mike“I break things into the smallest possible chunks, for smaller elements of a bigger goal. For example, instead of spending 5 hours cleaning my apartment, I schedule 30 minutes to clean the fridge on one day, 15 minutes to clean the toilet on another day, etc. It helps me get everything done without taking a ton of time.”  – Mike, Director of Marketing.


cate“I set up an automatic transfer of funds from each paycheck to my savings account. This works great, and now I’m saving money so that I can travel.” Cate, Technical Content Specialist.

For a quick recap, here’s a list of the ways my co-workers make their lives a little easier:

  • Cook meals ahead
  • Take a walk to clear your head
  • Focus at work, unplug at home
  • Keep your closet organized
  • Reduce your possessions to a minimum
  • Get a global mindset
  • Exercise regularly (Josh and Hailey)
  • Clean as you go
  • Enjoy the little things
  • Plan your possessions around your lifestyle
  • Break up big projects
  • Save money automatically

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