HELP! My partner is a hoarder! What can I do?

Q. How does one declutter and simplify when they live with someone who is panicked by the mere thought of removing something of questionably dubious value that might be needed thirty years from now? A. This is a really tough question because it sounds like the person you are dealing with is a hoarder. Hoarders are very different from your average person who is messy, or has some clutter. A hoarder has deep-rooted, psychological reasons for hoarding, and they experience the kind of panic that you describe, when faced with getting rid of stuff. So I suggest this approach when dealing with a hoarder. First – understand that hoarding is a serious disorder. You will need to find it within yourself to develop both compassion and patience for your hoarding partner. I acknowledge that this won’t be easy, but it’s the only way through your situation. Second – educate yourself about […]

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How to Live a Simpler Life: 3 Things to Stop Right Now

I’m always trying to find ways to simplify my life, just like you are. But since my days are so full, a lot of times the very thought of doing something to simplify, felt like one more thing I had to cram into my already full to-do list. But one day, in the middle of my frustration, a light bulb went off. What if, instead of DOING one more thing to simplify, I simply STOPPED doing certain things?

Suddenly, it was easy to see where my life was getting complicated, and then I could also see where I needed to stop doing certain things. Here are three examples, and they have made a huge difference.

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The true cost of fashion

So, my simple living fashionistas – what shall we do? My darling daughter just told me about a fashion documentary that she watched, called The True Cost. Download it for free at After watching it, I will now think twice about where and what I buy. Until this documentary, I prided myself on getting adorable clothes on sale at some of the large brand stores. For example, just this summer I bragged about the fabulous linen shirts I scored that came in oh-so-interesting colors, originally $60 and I got on sale for $15. In years past, I thought that the way to look good and spend less on clothes was to buy just a couple of high-quality and more expensive items in classic styles. My theory was that these classic, higher quality styles would last and last. But that was before the phenomenon of “fast fashion. What happened is that “fast-fashion” has created such […]

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